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Feb 16, 2017
Province: Gauteng
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Magic Prep & Primary School (MPS) - ABOUT US:

We offer Junior (Toddler) Classes, Grade-0 to Grade 3, Aftercare and School Transport Services.

MPS was established by Mr L. Ragoonanan in January 2008 as Magic Day Care Centre and Pre-School. We are an English Medium Independent School, and our aim is to provide our community and surrounding areas access to affordable quality education.

Our School is registered with the Department of Education and we aim to extend our offering, year by year to include Grade R to Grade 7. In 2012 January the 12th, a decision was made to extend our services to include Primary and in the near future High School education; for the benefit of the community at large. Currently we will be offering Pre-Schooling up to Grade 3.

Magic Prep & Primary School (MPS), is ideally situated in Lombardy East which is accessible and close to Lombardy West, Alexandra, Rembrandt Park, Lyndhurst, Edenvale, Sydenham, Kew and Bramley.

The establishment of our Primary School (and planned launch of our High School) was based on requests from our community. This also in light of many pupils not being accommodated by the existing schools due to an overwhelming demand for enrolments. The community, as a result, is forced to consider schools at higher costs inclusive of travelling expenses. This has created a financial strain on parents and there is a growing concern based on the affordability and the basic right to education at institutions close to pupils places of residence. We thus aim to contribute towards the wellbeing and development of both our community and town, by extending our services.

We wish to thank you (our community) for your assistance and support that is in the best interests of the pupils residing in and around the area.

OUR MOTTO: 'Making academic excellence achievable, as each achiever has the potential to bring back the Magic in the lives of many."

OUR VISION: 'To serve humanity by making quality and affordable education accessible to all and thereby uplifting people and making their dreams a reality."


To make a meaningful contribution to society in the services we render and the way we do business.

Our aim is to help ensure a brighter tomorrow for our youth, community and society at large.

We will achieve this by ensuring our curriculum is not only structured to achieve academic excellence, but also incorporates the development of discipline, accountability for actions, right conduct and the importance of good human values and character.


Seeing Good, Doing Good & Being Good to All Mankind; Honesty, Integrity, Discipline, Selfless Service to Mankind & Doing Your Best

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