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Speech Therapy for Children aged 5 - 7 and 8 - 15

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Feb 17, 2017
Province: Western Cape

This course helps young adolescents to develop their voice whilst eliminating any speech impediments. The course was devised on the basis of using drama exercises (as a template), because I dealt with a lot of students who don’t understand what is expected of them when correcting voice. When using drama exercises this helps them to understand (in laymen’s terms) all elements which constitutes correct speech. The exercises in the course focuses on combining an arrangement of concepts, which will help them, achieve great results.

Some Common Speech Disorders:

Stuttering - interferes with fluent speech,
Cluttering - makes speech difficult to understand,

Articulation Disorders - lisping, cleft palate,

Apraxia (dyspraxia) -also known as oral-motor speech disorder,
Dysarthria - Paralysis, weakness or generally poor coordination of the muscles of the mouth,
Speech Sound Disorder - Omissions, Substitutions, Distortions,

Phonation Disorder - hoarse, raspy, or pitch changes,

Resonance Disorders - Hypernasality and Hyponasality.

I have had a lot of success with this course...I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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