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Chef Required to run Clanwilliam Restaurant

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Feb 12, 2017
Province: Western Cape
Other Western Cape
Map Location:
Industry: Restaurant & Food
Job Type: Permanent

Great opportunity to run your own restaurant within the parent business. The start date is as soon as possible. The restaurant is situated in Clanwilliam. This is a great opportunity for a person to run their own business within the confines and safety of the parent guesthouse business. We are looking for someone to create a unique menu that fits in with the Clanwilliam culture and local produce...... If interested please get in touch.

More Info:

In view of fundamentally changing the restoration part of Yellow Aloe we compiled some data which may be of interest for future chefs/managers. The changes comprise:

· Professional management of the restoration part by a chef/manager who would be entirely responsible for the restoration. Good cooperation with the Yellow Aloe accommodation management but as independent as reasonably possible.

· Improvements: kitchen in general, staff education, stock management, selection of dishes, etc.

· High quality breakfast service for all Yellow Aloe accommodation guests.

· Restauration in the evening, for guesthouse guests as well as for day visitors.

· Desirable: new activities as wine tasting, weddings and other events, bakery, etc.

Points to be addressed:

· breakfast for all Longhouse and Yellow Aloe guests between 7h to 10h

· dinner offered for guests for at least 3 evenings a week – menu or fixed plate

· lunch is 2nd priority

· tea time is 2nd priority

· apéro / after work drinks is 1st priority

· investment costs for the kitchen to be shared between YA cc and the new chef, percentage to be discussed.

· The premises will be leased to the chef (to cover for the investment, garden electricity, garden furniture, etc.)

· a percentage on the cash flow will be taken to generate an income proportional to the business, percentage to be discussed

· kitchen and serving staff is chef’s responsibility

· stock management is entirely chef’s responsibility

· YA and its staff are responsible for the venue (accommodation, reception, garden, nursery, etc.)

Potential clients for lunch and dinner from the guesthouse.

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