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Feb 13, 2017
Province: Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth
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Apply now for a loan with 2 Fund U Ltd
Many people, who have both the affordability and stability to pay premiums, are often prevented from owning their own homes due to the strict conditions surrounding the granting of bonds from banks in South Africa.
2 Fund U is the viable alternative to the traditional method of obtaining funds to purchase your own home. We have a community of private lenders willing to assist you and give you 100% bond – which can include transfer duties and all other legal costs, at a very affordable locked in interest rate.
Do you qualify to apply for a 2 Fund U loan?
Are you a business owner paying your bills but unable to get a loan?
Have you a bad credit rating, under debt review or been sequestrated and you are currently paying rent and have the stability to pay a bond?
In the current South African Market there are people who want to buy property but due to their credit rating and the bank’s strict criteria on granting bonds, they are unable to obtain a bond.

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