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Feb 07, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Kempton Park
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We proudly offer the following range of services to our business and individual clients:

Tree felling – the process of bringing down a tree
Tree stump removal – getting rid of the remaining tree stump including
the roots
Tree stump grinding – the removal of a tree stump by using a circular
grinder power tool
Site clearing – removing vegetation and rubble from a piece of land
Tree trimming and pruning – cutting and removal of certain parts of a
tree for maintenance
Precision cutting of trees – cautious and precise cutting of a tree to
minimize damage
Demolishing – tearing down and clearing of trees and buildings using
heavy machinery
Tree chipping – using a wood chipper to turn large pieces of wood into
smaller woodchips
Speciality tree services – includes working at extreme heights, above
glass roofs and more

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