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Funky Finger Paint


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Feb 06, 2017
Province: Free State
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Funky Finger Paint
A thick finger paint with a creamy consistency that is splash resistant and encourages early childhood art experiences.

Features and Benefits
• Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
• Colour Definition – learn about primary colours and colour mixing to create many different colours, shades and intensities.
• Improves Fine Motor Skills by working with the fingers and hand muscles.
• Encourages self-expression in a non-prescriptive way.
• Encourages creativity and imagination.
• Develops hand–eye co-ordination.
• Promotes kids feeling competent, as they can manipulate and be in control of their “work of art”.
• Therapeutic, can express feeling visually without using words.
• Encourages emotional development by promoting teamwork with team art.
• Promotes Language development.
• Facilitates and encourages free play, which is very important.
• Colours are internationally approved, safe for use and non-toxic.

Usage and Tips
Simply paint with the fingers, no brushes and no instructions needed.
Improves fine motor skills by using fingers to make strokes , waves, wiggles, marks, finger prints and smudges, which also improves hand eye coordination at the same time.
Learn about colour combinations by mixing many different colours together and seeing the results.
The repetitive and sensory experience of dipping little fingers in thick paint and smoothing the paint over a surface is a calming and soothing event.
Encourages kids to express their feelings visually, which is ideal for younger kids who sometimes battle to express their feelings.
Using different objects with the paint, like sponges, old toothbrushes, cotton wool etc to create different textures inspires creativity and encourages use of their imaginations.
Painting with finger paint in a small group and creating a shared art work with other children and adults, presents lots of possibilities for developing social skills, talk and discussion.
By playing collaboratively, there is a shared vision and planning with others.
Promotes language development as the process and finished artwork results in discussion of colours, design, theme etc.
Promotes kids feeling competent. They learn that they can manipulate and be in control of their surroundings, such as their artwork and there is a focus on the process and not the end result.
Young children learn about science through hands-on experiences. Encourage scientific thinking.
Sprinkle some glitter or coloured sand onto the painted surface or add some more water into the paint and introduce words like texture, grainy, smooth, and lumpy. When you ask, “What do you think would happen if we added too much water?” you are helping her understand the scientific concept of cause and effect.
Facilitates and encourages children to simply play: allows children to be children, to slow down and play, using a range of their senses and skills.

Caution and Care
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Do not eat. Use with adult supervision.
Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

AFFFPR-AB Funky Finger Paint - Red (90 g) 15.00
AFFFPY-AB Funky Finger Paint - Yellow (90 g) 15.00
AFFFPB-AB Funky Finger Paint - Blue (90 g) 15.00
AFFFPG-AB Funky Finger Paint - Green (90 g) 15.00
KSETFFFP-AB Set of all colours - 55.50

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