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Peanie Hair Growth Tonic - A tonic that really does work Miracles!!

Province: Eastern Cape
East London

A fantastic hair growth tonic that really does work miracles! A light, natural hair tonic, with added conditioners, stimulates incredible hair growth and instantly softens hair and soothes and refreshes scalp. Improves circulation in the scalp and encourages healthy new hair growth. All natural, NO HARSH chemicals added. Shock phase results have displayed hair growth of up to 3cm within 3 days. Phenomenal results have been achieved with 90%+ of woman which have tried Peanie Natural Hair Tonic displaying fantastic hair growth. Woman with various medical conditions (Trichotillomania, Alopecia, Post Radio/Chemotherapy, etc.) have reported fantastic results. Sound unbelievable?? Then view our before and after photo's from South African men, woman & children that have tried Peanie Natural Hair Tonic with great success. Suitable for men, women and children 3-PHASE DESIGN: Peanie Hair Tonic is for use on the scalp to reduce hair loss and revitalise hair and scalp for healthy growth. It improves blood flow and restores small hair follicles to normal size and activity and increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles. This natural formula is designed to fight hair loss and stimulate growth of hair follicles that are suffering from weak hair and scalp conditions. Hair Evolution Peanie Hair Tonic Designed to work in three phases over a 5 week period to produce optimal results. 1. SHOCK PHASE 2. VITA PHASE 3. REST PHASE Phase 1 - Week 1 SHOCK PHASE Hair Evolution Peanie Hair TonicDuring the first phase, Peanie Natural Hair Tonic works by stimulating and shocking the hair follicle to improve blood flow allowing the transfer of bio-nutrients to energise cells for improved follicle performance and productivity. Bio-nutrients provide vital energy and enhances protein and carbohydrate synthesis to help produce stronger, thicker, fuller hair. The hair life cycle is forced into overdrive to prepare for the growth of new hair. Added conditioners and natural bio-stimulators, rich in both organic and mineral substances easily available to the hair follicle, soften hair and soothe and nourish scalp conditions. Use 3 - 5 times per day for optimal results. Apply a small amount directly to the roots and leave in. Phase 2 - Week 2 & 3 VITA PHASE Hair Evolution Peanie Hair TonicDuring the revitalisation phase, hair follicles continue to be stimulated. Now is the time for new hair growth to become prevalent as the hair life cycle reaches its growth stage. Overall new hair growth will be prevalent, hair length will continue to increase, scalp conditions should now be dissipating as a healthy scalp environment is established. Oily hair conditions may present, remedy with a shampoo and conditioner for oily hair. We recommend that Hair Evolutions PH Cleanser be used twice per week to regulate PH conditions, eliminate buildup and stabilise hair conditions. Use 3 - 5 times per day for optimal results. Apply a small amount directly to the roots and leave in. Phase 3 - Week 4 & 5 REST PHASE Hair Evolution Peanie Hair TonicThe rest phase requires no tonic to be applied. A critical phase where the hair follicle is left to recover from over stimulation, positive results are still noticed during this period even though no product is utillised. Avoid all tonics or harsh chemicals, dyes, peroxides, straighteners. Where possible use a cool blow dry, avoid excessive heat treatments, including hot irons, curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners. For best results utilise Hair Evolutions PH Cleanser twice per week to regulate PH conditions, eliminate buildup and stabilise hair conditions. Following a careful regimen will prepare the hair for the next shock phase.

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Hair Evolution - Peanie Hair Growth Tonic
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