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Jan 30, 2017
Province: Western Cape
Address: 120 Vryburger Avenue, Bothasig
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In a culturally diverse society, miscommunication between colleagues with heavy native accents can occur on a daily basis...
I have a 100% guaranteed cost-effective solution!
I have devised an Elocution a.k.a Accent Reduction Course which caters to the below mentioned:
FIRST, the main goal is to focus on accent reduction, not accent elimination, which is technically impossible. I work on reducing areas of their pronunciation and enunciation that make it difficult for native speakers to understand them.
SECOND, I identify which areas of pronunciation and enunciation give them the most inaudibility; such as, vowel and consonant sounds, word and sentence stress, word reductions, linking, and intonation.
FINALLY, I give them structured exercises to practice in different situations, because practice makes perfect. Improving your pronunciation will take a lot of patience and commitment, but the end product - your unique, well developed voice - is worth it!
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