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Induction Kettles, Induction Cookers, Induction Geysers


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Jan 27, 2017
Province: Free State
Address: 10 Nirvana Rd., Brighton Beach, Bluff, Durban, 4052
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INDUCTION COOKERS: Well a saving of up to 65 % on your heating & cooking costs. Our Company strives to reduce your Carbon Footprint & Help the Environment but not only that save you money with a Range of Energy Saving Products that are STYLISH, FUN & Easy to use. SAFETY FEATURES: The stove produces the energy & the pot produces the heat reducing the risk of fire & people being burnt. The stove turns off once the pot is removed. The stove detects small items such as spoons or knives & switches off. Should the pot boil dry the unit will automatically switch off.

INDUCTION GEYSERS: This is a new breakthrough in Geyser Technology that has now after extensive testing has obtained SABS Test Compliance. This technology utilizes electrical energy to create a magnetic field within the Geyser to maximize the heating process and delivers the exact amount of Hot Water as a conventional Geyser in 1/3rd of the time saving you 60% plus in power consumption in heating water. The first unit to obtain SABS Compliance is the 30 Litre System which is equivalent to a 150 Litre conventional Geyser. The beauty of this Geyser is not only in the Energy Saving but also the space taken to install and the price of course. You can now plan for smaller installation areas and increase possible living space. The unit can be installed anywhere as it is a pleasing to the eye. If you are looking to save space, save money, save energy and be more carbon neutral this is the Geyser of the Future.


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