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Pixie Crew Fashion shoulder bags, back packs, phone covers ect

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Feb 01, 2017
Province: Western Cape
Cape Town
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Ad Type: Offering

For the first time available in SA. Exclusively available from Kidzco
Pixie Crew products are uniquely designed with a silicone peg panel and silicone studs.
With this you can create a different 'pixelated' picture every on your everyday use items.
PIXIE CREW is the fashion brand for those who want to express themselves through colorful pixels.
About our Products
Creativity, it defines us! PIXIE CREW products give you the potential to

design and create your own ideas on everyday items. Create your own

pictures and designs that express you! Every PIXIE CREW product is made

up of a silicone panel with lugs, onto which individual silicone pixels can be

placed. Pixel attachment is extremely simple thanks to our patented Pixie-

Lock system. Pixelate your Bag, Backpack, Wallet or any other PIXIE product

which come with a basic starter pack in five different colours

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