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Concrete MIxer Truck 1CBM DRUM


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Feb 16, 2017
Province: Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth
Address: 18 stephenson
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Product Application
Concrete mixer truck (cement mixer, concrete mixer), is specially used for transportation of concrete. Because of its appearance, often referred to as snail truck.

There is a mixing drum on the truck and it keep on mixing during transportation to avoid solidification of concrete.
After the concrete is output, it is usually water washed inside, to prevent hardening of the concrete, and taking up the space of drum.

Main Features
1. Stirring device is mainly composed of mixing drum and auxiliary support components.

Mixing drum of concrete loaded containers, rotates the concrete along the blade spiral direction, constantly in the process of ascension and turning by mixing and stirring.

In the process of feeding and transport, mixing barrel forward, concrete, moving along the blade into the discharge,the mixing tube inversion, the concrete to discharge along the blade.

2.Blade is the main components in the mixing plant, serious wear and tear or damage can lead to concrete mixing unevenly.
In addition, the Angle of the blade if the design is not reasonable, still can make concrete segregation.

3.Cleaning system is the main purpose of cleaning the mixing barrel, is also sometimes used to transport on the way to dry mixing drum.

Cleaning system and cooling effect to the hydraulic system.

Totally enclosed device adopts rotary sealing technology, sealed the mixers in and out of the mouth,

to solve the traditional mixing heavy evaporation, stratification of mortar,

concrete material spilled, the series of problems such as driving safety.

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