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Cleaning services (Trophy Cleaning Services)

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Feb 11, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: 68A collins street brixton 2092
Map Location:

Trophy Cleaning Services
We take pride in what we do
Services we offer:
 In house cleaning
 Office cleaning
 Outdoor cleaning
 Transit cleaning
All this services are offered on a monthly and a daily bases listed below are the prices:
Services Monthly rating Weekly rating Daily rating
In house Cleaning 3600 800 200
Office Cleaning 4500 1125 225
Outdoor Cleaning 3900 975 195
Transit Cleaning 4550 1137.50 227.50

We also have one day services here’s a list of the services listed below:
Services offered
Post occupational cleaning
Pre occupational cleaning
Spring cleaning
Specialized carpet cleaning
Specialized upholstery cleaning
Window and sky light cleaning
Show house cleaning
Post Event cleaning

Contact us for a quotation:
Andani Mulwela

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