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Feb 09, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: 151 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg 2001
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Civil Engineering is the practice of improving and maintaining the built and natural environments to increase the quality of life for present and future generations. Civil Engineers design and supervise the construction of essential structures such as: bridges, sport stadiums, office blocks, convention centres, dams, major pipelines and transportation systems (e.g.: roads, railways, airports, harbours). Register with Excell Welders and get the best training in Civil Engineering with the help of our experienced and friendly instructors.
Civil Engineering careers may be pursued in a specialised field or in general terms;
• Structural: Bridges, Roads, Towers
• Transportation: Roads, Traffic control, Airports
• Water: Dams, Pipelines, Purification
• Geotechnical: Foundations, Excavations and Fills
• Construction: Construction of Projects
• Urban: Municipal Services, Development and Maintenance of Towns
• Railway and harbor: Railway network, Harbor Facilities
• Environmental: Impact Studies, Social and Natural Environments
• Informatics: Data Capturing, computers for enhancing civil engineering activities
All our courses are accredited with the relevant local and international stakeholders
All courses are done practically at the workshop in Johannesburg.
Training is available on weekdays or weekends
Tel no.: (011) 046 5493 Cell: (079) 196 2166

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