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Feb 09, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: 151 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg 2001
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Overhead crane and hoist training provides instruction on safe operating practices, proper load handling, pre-use inspection and accident avoidance. Excell Welders places emphasis on informing the operator on the interaction of overhead crane components which makes an operator better able to provide early detection of unsafe conditions.
Course Topics Include:
• Size and characteristics of cranes and Operational modes
• Major operational components and Emergency shutdown procedures
• Locate and verify access to crane disconnect and Lockout / tag-out requirements
• Inspect visual and audible hazards and Control labeling and conditioning
• Pendant control strain relief and Warning and capacity labeling
• Wire rope or chain condition and Requirements for guards
• Emergency stop function and Bumper and stop requirements
• Limit devices and control functions and Load control and operation safety
• Load block, hook and latch and How to determine load weight
• How to avoid side pulling & load swing and How to conduct a hoist brake check
• Load path and personnel safety and Activation of warning alarm
• Operation of hoist, bridge, and trolley and How to avoid shock loading
• Floor capacity for load placement and reporting deficiencies
• Crane manufacturer’s instructions and Functions and limitations of cranes
All our courses are accredited with the relevant local and international stakeholders
All courses are done practically at the workshop in Johannesburg.
Training is available on weekdays or weekends
Tel no.: (011) 046 5493 Cell: (079) 196 2166

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