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Feb 09, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: 151 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg 2001
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Excell Welders has heavy machinery training and welding courses which take a short period of time at affordable prices. A beginning stick welder can produce better welds by paying attention to the five basic elements to establish a good, consistent technique, current setting, length of the arc, angle of electrode, manipulation of electrode, and speed of travel.
Arc/Stick Welding course include;
• MMA Welding for Pipefitting
• Equipment Used in MMA Welding
• Hazards and Safety Precautions Associated With MMA Welding
• Welding Techniques
• MMA Welding Electrodes
• Identify Weld Defects and Their Causes
• Weld Symbols and Terminology Used On Drawings
All courses are done practically at the workshop in Johannesburg.
Training is available on weekdays or weekends
It is accredited with the relevant local and international stakeholders.
Tel no.: (011) 046 5493 Cell: (079) 196 2166

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