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Are you ready to get back into your favourite jeans


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Feb 07, 2017
Province: Gauteng
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Can’t remember the last time you liked yourself in pictures? Or were able to button up your pants without a struggle? Like many, you may look to crash diets to shed the unwanted kilograms. But the problem with crash diets and other “quick fixes” is that you lose water but not fat, which is the key to a healthy body composition. Add unhealthy, convenient fast food choices into the mix, and you have an endless loop of gaining and losing weight yet never keeping it off.
If this cycle sounds familiar, you’re not alone.
Millions of people struggle with their weight in today’s fast-paced, super-sized culture. And although good nutrition, rest and exercise are crucial to a healthy lifestyle, not many are able to maintain
that balance because of stress and hectic
schedules. So how can you lose fat and keep it
off the healthy way? Mannatech has the answer. Contact us today to start you 30 day challenge .

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