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Save big on ISO-BOARD - Creative cornicing

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Feb 20, 2017
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Address: Waterfall
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Isoboard ceilings available from 25mm - R50.40 pm ; 30mm - R61.20pm ; 40mm- R81.00 pm
(prices excl VAT)

IsoBoard is a rigid, high density, extruded polystyrene, manufactured in different thickness and lengths to meet almost any thermal insulation requirement in the temperature range –30 to +60c.IsoBoard is without doubt the most versatile thermal insulator available.
Thermal insulation works by providing a barrier to heat transfer from one side to the other , which keeps heat energy on one side of the board to the other. Insulation does not, of itself , provide heating or cooling, but rather controls where heat energy should be, either inside or outside.

The advantages of IsoBoard are in its effectiveness as a thermal insulator, ease of installation, high compressive strength, resistance to moisture and excellent performance in fire situations. The board is extremely durable and will last for the life of the building, and can be painted with water based paints when used in exposed applications.

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