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Tattoo and Piercing Courses, In-house and correspondence

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Jan 22, 2017
Province: Gauteng
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We offer in-house and correspondence courses in basic and advanced Tattoo and Piercing applications at very affordable rates and quick turn around times.

*Tattoo Basic:
7 Days R4999.00.
*Tattoo Advanced:
12 week Apprenticeship - R7999.00.
*Piercing Basic:
1-3 days R2499.00.
*Piercing Advanced:
5-7 days R3999.00.

(Complete tattoo AND piercing course)

Basic: R6500.00
Advanced: R10000.00

*** Total Artist Course may be shared by 2 people *** Conditions Apply

All courses come with complete kits and a certificate of completion.

Body Art Kits (included in courses)

Piercing Kits.

45PC professional surgical grade 316 St.Steel body piercing kit.
Includes the following:

1 Pennington Forcep
1 Forester Forcep
1 Ring Squeeze
1 Ring Pull
1 Piercing Gun
1 Dermal Applicator
1 Biopsy Punch
8 Clamp Elastics
16 Assorted Jewels
5 14G Jelco Catheter Needles
5 18G Jelco Catheter Needles
5 Pairs Nitrile gloves

All of the above as well as:
1 Dermal applicator
1 free Biopsy punch.

Tattoo Kit:

2 Tattoo guns (machines)
1 Power supply
1 Clip cord
1 Foot pedal
1 pack Ink caps
7 bottles of Ink (6 colour and 1 black, either Kurosumi or Intenze)
Stainless steel tips (316SS)
1 Grip
1 pack elastics, rings and nipples.
The Case itself is made to house ALL the items required to Tattoo, very neatly packed.

We also offer Tattoos, Piercings, Dermals, Divers and we supply selected accessories and consumables.

Contact us for more info @ the following:

Electro Ink Body Art, member of BRICSA (002/2012).

---For the love of expression---

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