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Hoverboard Segway for sale

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Feb 15, 2017
Province: Free State
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The two-Wheel Hoverboard is smart & has an intelligent auto self balancing feature. An absolute safe and instinctive scooter, that works according to your body’s gravity, giving a much more stable ride and a faster response, making it safer and easier to control. With its Lightweight Design, you can take the hoverboard anywhere you go! It's easy to learn and use. This scooter is water and dustprooft with IPS54 rating. With LED lights and fantastic workmanship making the Xtreme hoverboard design a futuristic essential for everyone!


Move according to your body’s gravity

1. To move forward or backward on the hoverboard electric scooter, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward.

2. To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the foot on left or right pedal.

3. Stand straightly, you will stop moving.

You get the sense of power and speed, yet you also feel a sense of safety and absolute control, it all feels natural, safe and instinctive

It also has feature of built-in bluetooth speakers

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