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Derma Rollers - 5 in 1 Derma Roller System


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Feb 07, 2017
Province: Western Cape
Cape Town
Address: Sparrow Crescent Table View
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Our 5 in1 Derma Roller Kit is very effective in treating the following skin requirements:

• Plumps up lines and deep wrinkles
• Treats & improves skin texture
• Treats & reduce crow's feet & laugh lines
• Treats & reduces acne scars
• Treats & reduces ice pick and chickenpox scars
• Treats & diminishes hyperpigmentation
• Treats & diminishes age spots & sun damaged skin
• Treats & diminishes enlarged pores
• Significantly improves the appearance of stretch marks
• Boosts collagen and elastin fibres by up to 1000%
• Enhances absorption of skin/hair products by up to 2000% so they are able to work more effectively.
• Effectively treats hair loss (alopecia), brilliant to use on over plucked eye brows.
• Significantly diminishes acne scarring.
• Plumps up depleting & fragmenting collagen to slow down the ageing process.
No downtime
• Painless

This fab kit comes with 1 of our trial serum and detailed instructions for only R795.

1. Eye Roller – 0.5mm
2. Facial Roller – 1.0mm
3. Body Roller – 1.5mm
4. Derma Stamp 1.0mm
5. It also comes with an internal disinfectant tank to make sterilising a breeze.

Use the narrow head roller (0.5mm) to safely and effectively treat lines around the eyes and above the top lip.
Use the medium roller (1.0mm) to effectively treat signs of ageing, pigmentation, sagging, enlarged pores and lost radiance.
Use the body roller (1.5mm) to treat stretch marks, scars and cellulite.
Use the derma stamp (1.0mm) to target specific areas you wish to focus on.

* Derma rolling/stamping is a very effective way to treat hair loss/alopecia - Perfect to use on over plucked eye brows.
* Target ice pick or deeper scarring with more precision.

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