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Feb 14, 2017
Province: Gauteng
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Bain Marie 2 division with inserts R3500.00
Bain Marie 3 division wit inserts R4500.00

Bread slicer t model R7500.00
8 bird chicken griller R6500.00
720mm candy floss machine R3500.00
10ltr cake mixer R5200.00
20ltr cake mixer R6500.00
30ltr cake mixer R9999.00
40ltr cake mixer R13995.00
6*6 chipper R750.00
7*7 chipper R750.00
Chip dump R2250.00
Chip dump and warmer unit R3995.00
3 pan convection oven with steamer – 435×325 tray R8000.00
4 pan convection oven with steamer – 600×400 tray R12000.00
Doughnut fryer semi auto -500 p/hour - 4cm -40mm 15500.00
Plastic heat sealer 200mm R425.00
Plastic heat sealer 300mm R625.00
Plastic heat sealer 400mm R725.00
Hot dog – 7 roller R1999.00
Hot dog – 9 roller R2500.00
4 spike hot dog steamer R2350.00
Ice cream machines
Bql-838 2+mix f/model R18000.00
Bql-a11 single flavour t/model R12500.00
12 mincer R4000.00
22 mincer R4995.00
32 mincer R9990.00
Double pancake machine – Dia 720mm ×2 R3995.00
Patty machines swing type
100mm patty machine R2150.00
130mm patty machine R2500.00
Popcorn machine 6oz R1995.00
Popcorn cart for 6oz R1750.00
Manual potato twister R750.00
8kg potato peeler R5500.00
20ltr dough mixer - 220v R8500.00
30ltr dough mixer - 220v R11000.00
50ltr dough mixer - 220v R15000.00
Deck ovens electric
1 deck 2 tray 220v R6000.00
1 deck 3 tray - 3phase and single phase R7500.00
2 deck 6 tray 380v R15000.00
3 deck 9 tray 380v R19995.00

Deck ovens gas
1 deck 2 tray R8000.00
1 deck 3 tray R12000.00
600×400mm deck oven trays R195.00
Electric fryers with baskets
Single pan electric fryer – 1×5l R750.00
Double pan electric fryer – 2×5l R1200.00
Spaza electric fryer 2×12l R5250.00
Single pan electric fryer 1×16l f/model – w/closet -5kw R3995.00
Double pan electric fryer – 2×16l f/model w/closet 2×5 kw R6500.00
Double pan fryer f/model with closet 2×30lt 10kw p/pan R13000.00
Electric combination fryer/griller R3995.00
3.5l princess fryer domestic R475.00
Gas fryers with baskets
Single pan fryer-1×5l R1500.00
Double pan fryer – 2×5l R2500.00
Double pan fryer t/model 2×12.5l R3995.00
Spaza fryer 2×12l R6000.00
Combination fryer/griller R4500.00
Fryer f/m 1×16l with closet R4995.00
Fryer f/m 2×16l with closet R6750.00
Electric grillers
550mm flat top griller R2000
720mm flat top griller R2500.00
720mm half ribbed - flat griller R3500.00
Gas griller
550mm flat top griller R3000.00
720mm flat top griller R3500.00
550mm full ribbed R4250
Pie warmers
660 mm slant glass R3150.00
900 mm slant glass R4500.00
1200 mm slant glass R5250.00
720mm curved glass – black and red R2500.00
Food display warmer 1100 – (1075-775-773mm) R6350.00
Single door 13 tray proover R6000.00
Double door 26 tray proover R8000.00
Sausage fillers vertical
3l filler R2000.00
5l filler R2500.00
7l filler R2995.00
10l filler R3995.00
15l filler R5500.00
4tray salamander 790×450×490mm R3995.00
30kg scale p/computing R550.00
300kg scale platform R1650.00
Schwarma electric R7000.00
Schwarma gas R7500.00
220mm meat slicer R4750.00
250mm meat slicer R5000.00

9 slice sandwich press R2500.00
10l urn R699.00
25l urn R799.99
30l urn R899.00
Single waffle baker R2350.00
Double waffle baker R3350.00
Wrapping machine
380mm s/s wrapping machine R850.00
500mm s/s wrapping machine R1450.00


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