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Feb 08, 2017
Province: Western Cape
Cape Town
Address: mar
Map Location:

PyroFuel 320 is a batch fed plant to process 400 kg of waste plastic
giving approximately 320 liters of Diesel per day.
Over a 10 month cycle, or 300 days, the plant makes 96 000 liters
Cost to make 1 liter of Diesel is R 2.00
At R 2.00 per liter 320 liters will cost R 640.00
320 liters at the pump at R 12.00 per liter will cost R 3840
That is a saving or profit of R 3200 per day.
Running the plant for 300 days per year (10 months) will realize a
profit of R 960 000
The above figures are based on a plastic price of R 1.00/kg and
R 1.00 for other costs.
Power requirements 220 V AC outlet, power consumption is under 5 kW
Delivery 10 to 12 weeks.

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