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Ohana Au Pairs

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Feb 08, 2017
Province: Gauteng
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Ohana Aupairs strives to accommodate each and every unique family by placing the perfect aupair who matches the unique criteria of the family to a tee. We know that family as well as the children are of utmost importance, therefore we personally conduct an extensive interview process with hand selected candidates, who we intensively screen before you, as the family, personally interview the shortlisted candidates.
Ohana Au Pairs endeavours to provide, not only the parent, but the entire family, with an individual who will give the family the affirmation in their presence and their absence, that your child is responsibly taken care of, and that the child is at ease with the Au Pair you have confided your trust in.
An Au Pair becomes an essential part of your child’s upbringing as well as part of the family as a whole. Our Au Pairs are well aware of the responsibility, and possess the integrity to fulfill that responsibility they are entrusted with as a caregiver for your child. Your child ought to look up to the entrusted Au Pair as one of their own family members, for support, security and love on a daily basis; which is why we take the utmost care in selecting Au Pairs who possess intrinsic qualities and only the best values and morals.

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