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Feb 05, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: 1990 risk street
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EMA OIL 079 629 1751
EMA OIL , blessed in solving all human being problems ,it doesn’t change your religious ,it protect you from evil spirits and your enemies , is kept in the icon corner and sometimes by individuals in their rooms. This EMA OIL is to be used, not left on the shelf.
EMA OIL may be used in cases where a person falls under the power of evil spirits. The individual should be encouraged to drink some of the sanctified water and be sprinkled with it. At times when members of the family feel an especially evil force within the home, the head of the family should sprinkle the inside walls of the family house with EMA OIL in the same manner as is done by the priest. Other members of the family, bearing candles or icons accompany him during this sprinkling. The evil spirits should be exorcised by this sprinkling of sanctified oil; EMA OIL heals a lot of problems such as Love Spells,Come back my love,Attract a New Love ,Making Up,Mend A Broken Heart ,Marriage spells,Break Up,Banish Your Past Lover,Divorce spells.Lucky Spells,Attract Good Luck,Generosity Casting,Personal and Business or Project Energetic Spiritual Protection.Success,Extreme Respect Spells,Native Healing.Luck Cleansing.Human Cleansing.Home Cleansing.Chases bad rats which brings unhappiness in life,bad dream,Promotion,etc.it brings you back to life,begin a new life with EMA OIL

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