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Generator Monitoring and Diesel fill up

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Jan 29, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: Kyalami Hills, Midrand
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How do you monitor your generator? Manual check-ups are often forgotten.

Do you know where your diesel level is at on a daily basis?

Do you know when your generator is running? Is there load shedding or is the generator running for no reason.

Has your generator run and you were not aware, causing loss of diesel which is costly and unnecessary.

Has your generator run dry before? This results in a costly call out for an engineer to bleed the generator and refuel.

We have the capability of monitoring any generators diesel usage on a real time basis, and controlling the refueling of the generators on a priority basis, we can monitor the engine run time hours, the voltage output, and many other features.

Eliminate diesel theft
Eliminate messy refuels
Eliminate downtime whilst diesel fuel is arranged
Eliminate dry running and bleeding

We will monitor the units on a 24hr basis, notifying you of each generators status at any given moment.

We will keep your very expensive asset in top shape.

Can you afford not to monitor your generator professionally?

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