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Manchem Chemicals

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Feb 15, 2017
Province: Gauteng

Eco-friendly, organic products with guarenteed results. Manchem products are efficient and versatile.
*Green IQ-
Is an econamical,concentrated formula containing alkaline green foaming liquid biodegradable solvents.
*efficient for:
-Oil piping,gearboxes,cables/ropes etc
-Greasy floor and surfaces is food processing plants, specifically acid resistant tiles.
-Stoves, tiles, sinks etc
*Handy Andy
-is viscous, super cleaner for removing stubborn soils from all hard surfaces, without scratching
-contains powerful cleaning action making the product double effective
-Pleasant to work with and is not harmful to hands or painted surfaces
-Cleaner for scale remover for toilets and urinals
-an acidic cleaner containing wetting agents and penetrants for removing unsightly rust stains, hard water salt deposits and uric acid depisits from urinals and toilet bowls.
-Industrial General Purpose Cleaner
-Water based solvent detergent
-Solvent Grease Cutters, Emusifiers and Penetrants
*Rust Remover
-Remove unsightly and harmful rust deposits while simultaneously phosphateing the metal surface.
-Helps to prevent further corrosion and allows the surface to be painted
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