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Beautiful skin agents required! Micro needle roller


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Feb 20, 2017
Province: Gauteng
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Mini needle Face roller
The Mini needle Face roller promotes collagen production by causing micro-punctures to the skin.
On the surface of the roller , 24 circular arrays of 8 needles each (total 192 fine needles) are found. The ability for the skin to absorb the active ingredients of the oil is elevated through this controlled, deliberate ‘injury’ to the skin. Phyto-Peel removes the surfaces cells thus stimulating the rapid growth of healthy new cells reducing oiliness, blemishes, pigmentation, enlarged pores, lines & wrinkles.
Any skin care product used with a Mini needle Face roller will be absorb 200 times more efficiently.
Looking young, fit and healthy is something we all hope for. By using a Mini needle Face roller to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the secret of looking great can be unlocked. There’s no need for expensive products, procedures, or surgery as using a Mini needle Face roller just a few nights a week can create a major impact on how you look. We have experience of users achieving noticeable improvements within just a week!

The Benefits of using the Mini needle Face roller:
Increase epidermal thickness.
Reduction of enlarged pores
Re-vascularisation / skin stimulation
Sebaceous-gland (oil flow) regulation
Treatment of pigmentation
Transdermal delivery system
The process is painless
No damage to the skin
It can be used on thin, sensitive skins
Does not make the skin sun-sensitive
Lasts 6 months if used 4 times per week
Quality assured

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