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Light Steel Roof Trusses

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Feb 05, 2017
Province: North West

AV LIGHT STEEL's main focus is the manufacturing and supplying of light steel structures designed and engineered according to architects specifications. The trusses are designed and engineered according to the architects specifications and to suit the client’s needs should it be a gable, flat or pitched roof. Light steel trusses have become very popular and can be used on any type of building method, not only on a light steel structure. It can be used on industrial steel, timber and even conventional brick or block building. · Steel is 100% recyclable. Each year, nearly 68.7% of all steel scrap is North America is recycled . · Steel does not contribute to the growth of landfills. · Steel framed structures stay straight and true and do not expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes. This means that door and windows openings framed with steel remain stable and this saves on energy costs. · Cold-formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight-ratio of any structural building material. As a result steel projects can be built with fewer materials.

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