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KIWI Industrial Demolition

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Feb 05, 2017
Province: Gauteng

KIWI Industrial Demolition 0110726779 or 0734614458
Large demolition projects such as industrial parks, factory warehouses, sewer plants and electrical fields require teams of experienced personnel and reputable contractors working together to ensure a safe and successful demolition. KIWI Demolition gives you both resources specific to your area to guarantee a successful and safe finish. CALL KIWI TODAY

0110726779 or 0734614458
Before one brick is overturned, a great deal of time and energy must be devoted to the engineering pre-planning phase in order to identify environmental issues, public safety and health risks, personnel safety and cleanup/recycling process. Many industrial parks contain hazardous waste and steel debris that must be properly handled and disposed. Need a quote for Industrial Demolition? CALL 0624599772

Responsible Cleanup
0110726779 or 0734614458
Once the building is destroyed, crews will carefully begin cleaning up and recycling the debris. For major projects as these, a trustworthy and reliable contractor is essential. We have the service and expertise to see any building demolition job from beginning to end.

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0110726779 or 0734614458

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