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Woodpecker Wooden Surfboards - Custom Wooden Surfboard Manufacturers

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Feb 14, 2017
Province: Western Cape
Cape Town
Address: 36 Promenade Road, Muizenberg Cape Town South Africa
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Woodpecker Surfboards - Custom Wooden Surfboard Manufacturers in Cape Town , South Africa

The first hollow wooden framed surfboard was created by legendary surfer and shaper Tom Blake in the 1930’s based on the traditional boards from Hawaii. His longboards became the leading choice for surfers of that era and have become a tourist attraction at the California Museum of Surfing.

The subsequent development of polyester resins and high density foams enabled surfboards to be more quickly and cost effectively available to the fast growing market.

Unfortunately as a result further development of hollow boards was largely abandoned.However wooden surfboards have natural flex and recoil out of turns. Because they are hollow, and subsequently more buoyant, the paddling characteristics are greatly improved. Wooden longboards glide and quickly develop momentum making them ideal for a more “old school” style of surfing.

We have blended Blake’s hollow wooden surfboard construction techniques with modern light- weight materials and contemporary designs to create our Woodpecker range of performance surfboards.

Every Woodpecker wooden surfboard is glassed with revolutionary SUPERSAP plant based epoxy making them totally natural, sustainable and environment friendly.

Every Woodpecker natural wooden surfboard is hand-crafted to the following steps

1.The timber is selected from sustainable plantation stock as far as possible. We split and reduce the deck boards from a single piece of wood to ensure uniformity of colour and grain.

2.The strength/weight ratio limits the types of wood locally available. However a large degree of creativity is possible using contrasting timbers in the deck and stringer layouts. For this reason every Woodpecker is totally unique!

3.Our deckboards and stringers are continuously glued-up to ensure that the different timber grains will act together, giving optimum strength and flex to each deck.

4.The decks are glued to a skeleton and clamped into a lay-up table to create the required foil incorporating all the design details of rocker, volume, concave and roll that give our surfboards outstanding performance characteristics.

5.The rails are laminated from continuous parabolic strips of matching timber, glued into the board and hand-shaped, to compliment the overall design.

6.Our wooden surfboards are laminated with revolutionary SUPERSAP plant based epoxy using 4 & 6 ounce glass fibre. An additional 4 ounce deck-pad is added to the topdeck to facilitate knee- paddling if required. All our surfboards are fitted with a traditional 9inch VELZY fin in matching timber (different fins and finboxes available on request.)

All Woodpecker wooden surfboard standard designs are available in either 9’ , 9’ 3”or 9’ 6” models.Custom designs are also readily available on request. We are constantly developing new designs and several new models will be available soon.

Our wooden surfboard designs feature significant entry concave to improve nose-riding potential and an incremental exit roll to increase speed.

Various fins, board bags etc. are available to order.

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