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Mar 01, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: 151 Comissioner street, Opp FNB BANK Carlton Centre.
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The ability to type at a fast pace is a very essential skills at most jobs. EXCELL SOLUTIONS provides the Computer Typing Skills Course that will help you acquire fundamental typing skills suitable for the fast changing job environment.This course will enable you to master the keyboard more quickly than usual and help identify your problem areas and teach you to overcome them in order to increase your speed and accuracy.

**The typing course includes the following:
-Using Key drill, Word drill, Paragraph drill & Sentence drill for drill exercises dealing with technique and accuracy
-Typing Skills exercises which encourage and develop speed, fluency, accuracy and stamina
-New keys; concentration drills and stroking drills required to strengthen stroking and related techniques

Address: 151 Commissioner Street, Opp FNB Bank, Carlton Centre, Suite 607, Klamson Towers, Johannesburg
Tel: (011)042-6247 CELL: (083)503-5559.

**We teach children, youth, adults, business personnel individuals, small groups, company employees & more!

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