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We do Car finance even if you are blacklisted

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Feb 13, 2017
Province: Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth

We offers Loan at 3% interest rates to all our clients around South Africa, we are 100% guaranteed loan company that can deliver what we promise to our clients. With the track record that we have we can ensure you get the best of our service, we are proud to say that we help hundreds of thousands of people out that can't get help anywhere in the country, we can proudly say that we extended our business and it is as follows: Contact us today.
We do Business Finance (Business Loan) for up to R980.000.00
We do home loans even if you are blacklisted
We do personal loans for up to R180,000.00 even if you are blacklisted
We do Car finance even if you are blacklisted
We do 2nd Bonds, Home Improvement and consolidation loans
We do Wedding Finances as well..
We do Consolidation loans up to R750 000 00 even if you have low credit record.
We offer the above kinds of loans all at 3% interest which is one of the cheapest around the World.

That’s why we are proud to say we the best and the only company that can and will help you. I hope and believe that you will find us and our company and our work to your satisfaction. Have you being declined because of your bad credit history contact us today for your speedy loan Approval and transfer, You can Apply today irrespective of your location or race so far you meet our criteria, Contact us today.

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