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Djembe drum, talking drums, kpanlogo drums for sale


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Feb 01, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: Roberts Ave, Kensington
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I have a wide range of imported authentic hand made African Djembe drums, Dundun drums, talking drums, kpanlogo drums, for sale. Made by professional traditional craft master using African goat skin and cow skin with high quality twenaboa wood. Great sound the bass galore, tone and slaps.
Ideal Ideal for colleges, churches, drumming circle, universities, school, festivals, team building events, percussionist, et. Currentl I have in stock comprising of
10"×21" small kenkeni drums.
12 × 22 Sangban drums.
15"× 24" large Dundunba drums.
Kpanlogo drums 11" × 24" large drums.
Talking drums.
9" × 18" Djembe drums.
13" × 24 " large Djembe drums. And many more available in store.
Courier service nationwide and worldwide delivery through the South African post office.
I welcome registered business, independent traders, and any one seeking to place bulk orders.
You are also welcome to discuss a partnership or joint venture.
Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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