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Feb 02, 2017
Province: Eastern Cape
Port Elizabeth
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ODARID URINE NEUTRALISER NOW AVAILABLE HERE IN SOUTH AFRICA ODARID CONTAINS THE LATEST IN CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY COMBINED WITH MICRO-EMULSION TECHNOLOGY TO COMPLETELY DESTROY CAT AND DOG URINE EFFECTIVELY AND INSTANTLY LEAVING YOU WITH A CRYSTAL CLEAR SMELLING HOUSE OR CAR OR CARAVAN. Turn a FOUL smell into a SMILE smell. ODARID eats uric acid and salt residues in old urine (It doesn't matter how old) and will remove the odour WITHIN 30 SECONDS. It also neutralises fresh urine instantly ensuring no residues remain to stain or create odour in the future.This product foams White on contact with urine.Odarid is suitable for new and old urine, faeces, vomit, milk and all organic odours.It even reacts on blood. Use on..carpets, furniture, concrete, wood, grout, fabric and curtains IT WORKS---YOU DON'T. Urine Smell Tips--Dousing urine with soda water, vinegar, baking soda, disinfectants, or any other well intended treatment will lead to future odour problems. The components are not completely eliminated and will keep developing under the carpet forming uric acid and salt crystals which will remain active for years to come and create residual odour issues. At that stage you will have some real problems and whenever the room warms up out comes that Yuk Smell.You will also spread the contamination by adding water to the urine. So, save yourself the annoyance of lingering odours, and the expense of having restoration work done on your carpets and or wood floors by treating pet urine accidents with our Pet Stain and Odour Remover. See the before and after photo's here. NOW AVAILABLE >>Dog Run and Kennel Cleaner from New Zealand THE NUMBER#1 PRODUCT AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA THAT KILLS CANINE PARVO VIRUS---CANINE DISTEMPER---FELINE PICORNAVIRUS---AVIAN IBV -HIV-1--AVIAN POLYOMAVIRUS --PSUEDORABIES VIRUS........and more. AVAILABLE IN ---------500ml--------2L-----------5L----------CONCENTRATED or PREMIXED. Tested on 60 VIRUSES and BACTERIA and FUNGUS----CERTIFIED EPA-47371-131 Proven for the last 6 years in New Zealand Govt kennels and council pounds If our product does not do what we say we will refund your money !!! Try it and be amazed

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