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Healthy layer chickens, fresh eggs for sale


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Feb 22, 2017
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Map Location:
For Sale by: Owner
Sex: males-females

Prices For Chicken

Cornish hens, cults or Heavy broilers for slaughtering prices as below

1.9kg 20Rand

3kg 30Rand

3.5kg 33Rand

4.2kg 37Rand

4.8kg 40Rand

Chicken layers prices Rhodes Island Reds ,Leghorns and Lohmens

Point of layers 35Rand 16 weeks old

Already Laying 36Rand 17 to 22 weeks old

*Our Chicken is feed on Grains which are Free Range and Layer Mesh Feed

Indoors feeding *

Below are the prices of our eggs and details:

Medium size, 55g Price : 180/carton or boxes

Large size, 60g Price : R216/carton or boxes

X-large size : R240/carton or boxes

Jumbo size : R260/carton or boxes

Price is same for fertile eggs

Packing: Our eggs come in carton or boxes.there are 12 trays of eggs in a

carton and each tray has 30 eggs.

Making a total of 360 eggs in a carton.

Minimum order is 10 boxes.

Other Goods on sale

Layer Mesh Feed for Layers 50kg 200Rands

Incubators 12500Rands

Layer cage 7500Rands

Layer cages :

20 to 50 chickens 4500Rand

50 to 150 chickens 6500Rand

150 to 350 600 chickens 10000Rand

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