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Lovebirds, Ringnecks and cockatiels for handrearing.


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Feb 08, 2017
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Address: Lennoxley Road, Durban
Map Location:
For Sale by: Owner
Breed: Bird
Age: 1 years
Sex: males-females

I have a number of ringnecks available, different colours and ages. Prices start from R200 for a 3 week old green ringneck, upto R500 for a creamino.
Lots of cockatiels available as well, around 4 to 5 weeks old. There are greys / grey pied / lutino / lutino pied / cinnamon / white face pearls available. Price depends on colour and age.
Six lovely fischer lovebird babies, fully weaned and ready to go. R 250 each Only yellow and slaty (grey/blue) available.

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