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Feb 01, 2017
Province: Gauteng
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This masterpiece entails the genuine details of man and world creation as articulated by Ela, a messenger of God who was conceived mysteriously and delivered like Jesus. He was a thorn in the flesh for early missionaries in Nigeria. His influence on the people made it difficult for the missionaries to force their faith on the people. This made them abduct him and was taken to far away Brazil as slave. While in Brazil, he healed his master to gain his freedom. Rather than adopting a foreign faith, he introduced them to Santeria.
When it looks like the mission is over in Brazil due to a divine hint of conspiracy that can lead to his death, Ela was sneaked out of Brazil by his loyalists to Cuba and there they built the first major temple of worship. Ela taught the people how to live a rewarding life worthy of eternity. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, raised the dead and many other great miracles. Ela became resurgent in Cuba but was labeled a sorcerer by religion practitioners. As sorcery is illegal and death is the outmost punishment.
The orthodox doctrines did everything to halt his mission but the impact Ela has made in the life of the people cannot be compromised as God is with him. He however depart America back to his root but his preaching never depart the people. His message still dwells with the people of
Brazil and Cuba till date. This is the reason why the Umbanda and Candomble in Brazil, Lucumi in Cuba still practice Afro-America religions. The lack of proselytizing and establishment of written “RULES BOOKS” prevents this religion from spreading much as Islam or Christianity in these regions. Regardless, it still survives in some major part of Brazil and Cuba. The fame of Ela spread from Africa to America and western hemisphere among the upright minority who believes so much in Santeria.
This is the story of Ela, a great messenger of God which has been concealed for ages to send Santeria into extinction. Beloveth, be privilege to be revealed to the greatest secret of all time.

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