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Syntek Global -Xtreme Fuel Treatment Product


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Feb 13, 2017
Province: Gauteng
Address: Pretoria CBD
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For Sale by: Owner
Motorcycle Part: Syntek Global@s XFT Product

How to use the product:
Please keep in mind that on your first 3 fill ups with XFT you should double dose. Meaning you should put in twice as many doses of the product as you normally would. So for example, if a car would use 1 dose of the product then in your first 3 fill ups you would put in 2 doses. This just works to clean out your engines, fuel lines, and injectors, as well as actively get the XFT working in your vehicle. Also keep in mind that it may be handy to have a few additional treatments on hand for your lawnmower, boats, gas cans, or for times when you take a trip and fill up more often than normal.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment Chemistry, Patent, Nobel Prize Award, and EcoVisionary Award

1. Winner of the 2011 eco-visionary awards

(Syntek Global)
Syntek Global offers a solution to the fuel problems that all countries face. Reducing air pollution, lowering operating costs, and improving mileage are the kind of innovative thinking that is needed now. The Syntek program reaches out to the business community with a powerful way to treat fuel and improve the environment as well.

Discovered in 1951
2. The Nobel Prize in chemistry 1973 was awarded to Ernst Otto Fischer and Geoffrey Wilkinson.
Nobel Prize 1973
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1973 was awarded jointly to Ernst Otto Fischer and Geoffrey Wilkinson “for their pioneering work, performed independently, on the chemistry of the organo-metallics, so called sandwich compounds”.
3. Original Patent 1986
Patent number 4585462

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