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Complaint resolution training and consulting, Career Planning (from Grade 6 to adult employees)

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Jan 22, 2017
Province: Gauteng

Career Planning
Imac’s career planning services helps you clarify your goals, achieve balance between your work, family and self. She will help you assess your skills, interests and explore interests at every stage of your career. Career planning is a critical step and is essential for young minds to achieve success in their future. Career planning is a major aspect of human development, and it is also the process through which an individual's work identity is formed.

Complaint resolution and management training
 Complaint Management Training
 Wrong side of the bed? Complaint Management Training Pro-grams
 Customer Friendly Language
 Front Line Complaint Friendly
 Service Revolution
 Handling Difficult Customers

Personal Branding for Winners
Imac will help you package and market yourself and your career as a brand worthy buying. Personal branding is about self identifying , packaging and then communicating your unique selling points, it is about bringing the best in you. You will learn to analyze your strength and your weakness, capabilities, experience and your potential to ensure that you achieve greatness in all facets of life.

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