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Soap free cleansing gel


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Jan 07, 2017
Province: Free State
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In my family, bath time has never been a hassle. Thanks to my healthy stock of Acornkids Bath Time products, the only slight concern is which one to use on which day!

Gloop has always been the squishiest, funkiest bath time treat for my kids. They have always loved the bright colours, the fresh fruity flavours and the fun gloopy texture. I love it because it’s an all-over cleansing gel that is not only paraben free, but also soap free and a perfect replacement for soap and shampoo for my whole family! It’s very economical, you only need to use a little, and its versatile, I have often used it as a foam bath, as it makes a perfect bath full of bubbles. Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner and bubbles…all in one……makes it a great travel product!

Available in red, blue, yellow, pink and green, each bottle of Gloop is crammed with hydrolysed wheat protein complex that really nourishes my kids’ hair, jojoba seed oil that moisturises their skin beautifully, and aloe ferox leaf extract that rejuvenates their skin after a long day of activities.

Try our Green Gloop, as a detangling shampoo to wash your little one’s hair. Enriched with Sea Minerals and Seaweed Extracts to stimulate the scalp and enhance hair condition.

KGLB2-AA Gloop- Blue (190 ml) 55.00
KGLR2-AA Gloop - Red (190 ml) 55.00
KGLY2-AA Gloop - Yellow (190 ml) 55.00
KGLP2-AA Gloop - Pink (190 ml) 55.00
KGLG2-AA Gloop - Green (190 ml) 55.00

KSETGL-BB Gloop Set - Blue, red, yellow and pink - 199.00

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