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River Cruise Line Job Vacancy

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Jan 06, 2017
Province: Free State
Industry: Cruise Job
Job Type: Part-time
Work Experience: 1 To 2 Years

The River Cruise Line is able to offer its employees a good range of job opportunities in the hospitality field across its large fleet. Depending on your skills and expertise, there are a range of roles to suit. As a member of the onboard team, you could be working on the deck, in the engine room, in one of the retail shops for guests, or as a member of the production cast for night time entertainment. Regardless of the role that you may be assigned, The River Cruise Line likes to recruit employees who are team players and who take pride in delivering exceptional customer service.

A job posting with The River Cruise Line could be to one of any of the three arms of the company - The River Cruise Line International Fleet, RCLA – U.S. Flagged, or the Orient Lines. Assignments on board a The River Cruise Line ship will usually range in duration from 2 to 4 years. Prospective employees from countries other than the UK, US and Canada are eligible to apply for The River Cruise Line jobs, with the additional requirement that they secure a C 1/D visa.

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Mr Frank M Alves
The River Cruise Line
Anson House Compass Point
Market Harborough LE16 9HW
United Kingdom

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