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Jan 10, 2017
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Address: Ashley drive
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Liquid gold ARGAN OIL. One of the Rarest and Most Unique Oils in the World. (Really awesome stuff!!!) Repair dark spots, acne marks, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, fresh scars, dry skin, skin allergies, dry, damaged hair, limp nails, and other skin and hair conditions. Argan Oil has found its place as Liquid Gold within Hollywood's Beauty Industry. One of the Rarest, Most Unique and Expensive Oils in the World

Whilst living in Europe for over 15 years, I got fed up of purchasing Argan oil and ALWAYS finding they had mixed it with other oils for volume. That is until I made friends with a wonderful Moroccan lady and found out her mother makes it but in the very traditional method. No other oils mixed in, its is 100% Argan. The Argan oil she makes is sold to some of the shops in France for at least 4 times the price. (Agadir,Morocco)

If any of would like to place orders 100ml is R290, 250ml is R680, 500ml is R1350, 1Litre R2500 and this includes delivery from Morocco. 32Kgs of Argan fruit makes 1 litre! However I always purchased 250ml and it lasted me a year, unless I shared it with a friend then did 500ml. This is the bottles it is put in, please see photos, (to reduce costs) but please feel free to re-label.

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