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SALE - New My Double Petit Adjustable Dolls / Dressmaker Dummies


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Nov 08, 2016
Province: Gauteng
Address: Magalieskruin
Map Location:
Phone: 0827751912

Adjustable Mannequins

Q: What is a
size adjustable mannequin?
A: The
adjustable mannequin is a Male, Female or Children’s torso made into modular
system. This modular system allows the torso (Neck, bust, waist and hips) to
adjust or expand to a desired distance/measurement. They all adjust horizontally; bust
waists and hips in various size groupings as well as vertically adjusting to lengthen
the back and waist of the torso.

Adjustable Range:

Diana: A, B, C & D

My Double: Petit, Small & Medium

Rani: Small & Medium

Male Form

Junior Form

The Diana and My Double and Rani all have an 8-part body to
enable them to adjust horizontally; Bust, Waist & Hips.

The neck is fully adjustable
with an auto-set system and useful pin cushion.

They also adjust the back to vertically
lengthen he back and waist when a longer back and waist measurement is

The only other
difference between the three adjustable types are that Diana dolls use a knob
type adjustment system, while the My Double and Rani use a combination of knob/scroll wheel type system.

The colour of the
Diana Red, My Double Pink and the Rani is Blue/Greenish.

Call Leon Kotzé Mobile:
0827751912 Location: Magalieskruin, Pretoria Courier options

* T&C apply

How to place an
Contact us by sending an email or
contact us on mobile number to request an order form
Complete the order form.
Clearly mark which adjustable mannequin you would like to
Indicate if you are collection or if you’re in need of a
quote to have the mannequin couriered. Goods can be courier to your door via
Road freight (3 work days) service - this service would be for your account.
Make full payment of selected dolls including courier fee
(if applicable).
Send completed order form
Collect or send someone to collect in Magalieskruin,

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