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ITC Clearance & Debt Mediation – Make a fresh start for the coming year

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Oct 22, 2016
Province: Free State
Address: Suite 101 Stabilitas building, 39 Maitland street
Map Location:
Phone: 0514303296

Welcome to ITC Clearance
With consultants country-wide you can trust on our excellent service! You can trust us to help you!
Lower your monthly debt payments by up to 40%
Stop poor credit score, judgements, defaults, trace alerts, administration, debt counselling
Stop calls from creditors and debt collectors
To remove a judgement or default cost only R1800, not the crazy fees you get elsewhere from fly-by-nights without a business history or published addresses.
Our services include:
Debt Mediation – this is not debt counselling or administration – you will not be listed on ITC – no legalfees – you can still apply for credit – your monthly fee is only R199 instead of 9.2% of debt review – no expensive distribution costs (monthly instalments go straight from you to the creditor)
Removal of Judgements; Administration orders; trace alerts
Removal of Debt Review – we can enrol you in our debt mediation plan where the monthly rates are half that of Debt Review and instalments go from you straight to the creditor
For more information call 0514303296 – 0514308427

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