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Jan 20, 2017
Province: Northern Cape
Address: 82 Lawson Street
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Are you involved in any litigation matter or a divorce case. Then the following is for you or someone you love.
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With mediation accepted throughout our courts “litigation” becomes the alternative
Any litigation matter or any other dispute between parties, or a divorce case can now be settled through MEDIATION
a Mediator will assist you in any litigation matter or a divorce case, or for the recalculating of maintenance, or the application to increase/reduce maintenance or for the draughting of a parenting plan in case of a divorce matter
Within the court process there is hardly ever a clear winner, both parties loose in a way whether it is money for the litigation or the case itself
The Mediator have the authority take any litigation case from court and give the parties involve a better change for resolving the matter to both parties satisfaction
You yourself control the outcome of the dispute, the chances of losing a case on technicalities is 0%.
With mediation, there is a much better chance that you might get what you want, instead of what a judge are willing to give you.
Any litigation case can be mediated whether the matter is currently sub-judicae or not, as long as it is before judgement.
The mediation process is totally confidential, non of the documents or discussions or any notes can be subpoena as evidence before any court after the settlement agreement was signed.
The settlement agreement can be made an court order, without the parties involve going to court themselves, which cannot be done with litigation.

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